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Hocus Crocus Crystals & Creations

Unicorn stone, unicorn Crystal, Crystal tower, pink tourmaline/Rubellite, smoky quartz, clevelandite, lepidolite,

Unicorn stone, unicorn Crystal, Crystal tower, pink tourmaline/Rubellite, smoky quartz, clevelandite, lepidolite,

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Unicorn stone crystals are such a wonderful and very popular combination as they are a natural mixture of Lepidolite, Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite, Clevelandite and Smokey Quartz as you can see in these Unicorn stone towers.

This crystal is a fairly recent discovery from
Madagascar and is a very powerful but gentle crystal.

This is a good crystal to have with you when you are going through a period of challenging times, if you require extra endurance to come through tough times, situations and relationships. Also, this crystal palm stone is one to work with if you struggle to deal with any changes you are experiencing in your life. Unicorn crystal is one which may help with emotional healing due to the combination of minerals in this crystal.

Empathy, positivity, joy, peace and calmness are just some of the energy that unicorn stone can bring.

When feeling stressed or anxious, it is believed that unicorn crystal is a great crystal too hold within your hand and take in a big breath and breathe out slowly whilst imagining you are releasing all of your worries and concerns that overwhelm you.

With this Unicorn stone tower, the Pink Tourmaline within may help with you moving forward in life and away from problems that envelope you, encouraging you to look at what other beauties there are in thew world and what life may bring.

This powerful but gentle combination of Pink Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Smokey Quartz and Cleavelandite resonates with the Heart Chakra and the energy of the Divine Mother. Wear Unicorn Stone to foster emotional healing, soothe heartache and calm anxious thoughts.

J: 8.5cm by 2.3cm
K: 9.3cm by 2.4cm
L: 10.2cm by 2.5cm

Please note: Due to being a natural stone, each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in shape, size and colour. They may also contain small flaws including imperfect points, rough edges, inclusions or natural cavities.

Lots of different towers, tumbles, spheres, stands and specimens available in our store, check out our other listings. Also our Facebook page is kept up to date with our latest arrivals here: or on ig search for @hocus_crocus_crystals

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