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Tigers eye tumble stone Ethically Sourced 100% Genuine Crystal Energy Stone

Tigers eye tumble stone Ethically Sourced 100% Genuine Crystal Energy Stone

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Tigers eye is in essence a power stone and formally recognized as a good luck stone. It promotes wealth and abundance, as well as increasing one's courage. A field of self-empowerment envelopes its users, imbuing them with the wherewithal to persevere and push through whatever obstacles they may face. This crystal can also brighten up your mood and day with its passive positivity. Clarity of thought and a focused mindset is also an effect of this crystal. It opens and clears your consciousness for future experiences.

The strength brought about by using tigers eye also helps in developing your physical strength. Although its primarily used as a charm for good fortune, it is also a good choice as a protection crystal. Additionally, the power of this crystal is such that the truth of any situation can become clear for the user, with the only requirement being that the user open themselves for guidance and ask the crystal for assistance.

It is a vitality improving crystal and has a resoundingly positive effect on the body, which includes improved blood production and blood flow. Some experts say that it balances hormones and also assists in menopause. Due to its physical nature this crystal has a unique energy signature, which will help in healing areas which are in pain. It can also help regulate the flow of energy in and around the body. An ideal therapeutic crystal for people of all ages.

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