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Hocus Crocus Crystals & Creations

Rare black flower agate leaf, leaves, agate carvings

Rare black flower agate leaf, leaves, agate carvings

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These high quality leaf shaped crystals have been hand carved to the highest quality possible. Cute tree shaped crystals that are the perfect size to carry around with you & they are even the perfect crystals as small gifts or a special decorative piece. Each Tree carving is unique with different markings and patterns.

Please note: Due to being a natural hand carved stone, each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in shape, size and colour. They may also contain small flaws including imperfect points, rough edges, inclusions or natural cavities.

We have lots of different towers, tumbles, spheres, stands and specimens available in our store, check out our other listings. Also our Facebook page is kept up to date with our latest arrivals here: or on ig search for @hocus_crocus_crystals

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