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Pyrite 6mm/8mm bracelet. Natural Pyrite Stone Bracelet, Healing Pyrite Crystal Yoga Bracelet Gift

Pyrite 6mm/8mm bracelet. Natural Pyrite Stone Bracelet, Healing Pyrite Crystal Yoga Bracelet Gift

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Pyrite has a unique energy mix that makes it appropriate for use in any house or workplace. This protective stone also protects you from bad energy and keeps evil spirits at bay. It also promotes happiness with its very energetic and positive energy.

When you learn exactly what Pyrite is used for, you'll discover that it's a very versatile stone that's well worth its weight in gold to crystal collectors and people working on their spiritual progress.

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that works on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels to shield and protect from all types of bad vibrations and/or energy. It stimulates the mind and improves memory, making it easier to recall important information when needed.

Pyrite aids in looking past the surface of things, encouraging an awareness of what is underlying words and deeds. Pyrite is said to have several therapeutic properties. It has the potential to improve both physical and mental well-being.

This stone has the potential to cleanse the oxygen that passes through your body, therefore enhancing your cardiovascular system's overall function.

There's no reason not to embrace pyrite because it offers so many health advantages. Also gives strength and leadership skills, encouraging you to reach your full potential because your willpower and health are constantly monitored.

Please note: Due to being a natural hand carved stone, each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in shape, size, weight and colour. They may also contain small flaws including imperfect points, rough edges, inclusions or natural cavities.

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