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Purple Banded Chevron Amethyst Sphere 7.4cm approximately

Purple Banded Chevron Amethyst Sphere 7.4cm approximately

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Amethyst Crystal Sphere “The Stone of The Soul” 7.4cm approximately.

Amethyst has strong positive and cleansing powers. It strengthens the inner core whilst neutralising weakened energy. It keeps the mind clear and improves intuition, clarity, and creativity. It opens the crown chakra and stimulates the third eye, which connects us to our higher consciousness.

Amethyst – The February Birthstone and the Stone of Aquarius
Intensely vibrant, majestically beautiful and one of the most meaningful stones of the world. The crystal of divine energy stimulates the mind and emotions. The symbol of serenity, peace, calm, and tranquillity and is spiritually renowned for strengthening the bond between two people.

Perfect for meditation, mindfulness, chakra, or a simple stunning addition to the home.

All of our Spheres are handcrafted with love and are unprocessed, premium 100% authentic natural Amethyst Quartz. They are highly polished and smooth to the touch.

Lots of other crystals including more spheres and specimens available in our shop and new items are being listed daily, why not take a look at what else we have to offer and favourite our shop to keep up to date with what we have available?

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