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Pink Chalcedony Tumble Stones,

Pink Chalcedony Tumble Stones,

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Pink Chalcedony helps us to achieve spirit communication as it is an emotional interpreter, it aids ceremonies such as spirit box sessions. Pink Chalcedony helps to balance the three energies, mind, body and spirit. It also helps us to be more generous and helps to interpret what your physical and emotional states are telling you. It opens us up to divine love and released emotional pain.

Pink Chalcedony is a stone to help with optimism, joy and receptivity.

Our Pink Chalcedony stones are perfect for keeping in pockets or bags. We have 2 sizes available, just pick a size you would like. Please note that the camera may not pick up faults/flaws or druzy parts of the stones. also the colour may differ to the one shown due to different screens and cameras but we’ve tried to show it as best as we can.

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