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Moss agate Tumble Stones, smooth crystal. Agate family

Moss agate Tumble Stones, smooth crystal. Agate family

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This listing is for 2 small moss agate tumble stones. Colours will be picked at random.

Moss Agate is a wonderful crystal that is known for its ability to aid abundance and prosperity and stimulate creativity. It is helpful times of stress as its steady energies aid those who feel unstable or ungrounded. It can enhance mental concentration, persistence and endurance.

Moss agate varies in appearance from opaque, deep green stones, to paler stones with mossy inclusions, to almost fully pale with only a small section of the green colouring. Some more rare examples also have red or brown inclusions.
If you have a specific preference, please send a message before you order.

We also have larger moss agate tumbles if you’d prefer something a little smaller. We also have a large amount of raw and tumbled crystals in our shop. If there’s something you’re looking for but can’t see it, just ask as we may have it and just not listed it yet 💕

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