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Gorgeous green moonstone palmstone, (B) Garnierite, moonstone Crystal, green crystal/gemstone, heart chakra, feminine energy

Gorgeous green moonstone palmstone, (B) Garnierite, moonstone Crystal, green crystal/gemstone, heart chakra, feminine energy

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This stunning Green Moonstone palm stone displays gorgeous mint green hues amidst dark greens, and a shimmering inner glow which sometimes manifests in mesmerising flashes of blue and silver light.

What Is Green Moonstone Made Of?
Green Moonstone, otherwise known as Garnierite, is a rare silicate mineral which is also an important nickel ore.

The composition of this stone can vary widely, and many specimens also contain other minerals such as chlorite and serpentine.

The signature green colour of Garnierite is caused by nickel inclusions in the rock, which is usually a form of Serpentine rock.

Green Moonstones grow as Feldspar minerals like other Moonstones.

The Stone of The Goddess" that helps us tap into that feminine Earth energy.

These are lovely stones with a definite pale green colouring. As the Moonstone was forming, minute traces of Chlorite lent it this gorgeous green shade.

An unusual stone with a subtle colour and great crystal healing properties.

Green Moonstone may be beneficial in helping to maintain the correct hormonal balance during the menstrual cycle. It is an excellent stone for helping us to cope with PMS and with the menopause. It is said to have a beneficial effect on all fluid systems in the body and can help with digestive disorders that may be related to emotional stress. As may be expected with an intensely feminine stone, it also helps with fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and with breast feeding.

Green Moonstone calms our emotions and eases emotional instability. It balances over-sensitivity to situations and relieves stress. Green Moonstone brings out our feminine side, and rather than rely solely on our intellectual reasoning, it helps us to become aware of our subconscious, intuitive feelings and emotions. Green Moonstone helps to balance our emotions. It is calming and reflective and helps us to "go with the flow". It brings us flashes of insight and stimulates our self-confidence and composure. Moonstone may also help with calming hyperactive children.

Green Moonstone brings us many traditional links to the moon and to all feminine values. It is especially good for helping us to connect with the medicine of the Earth and Moon. It enhances our psychic abilities and helps us to develop the skill of clairvoyance. It also helps us to appreciate the never-ending cycles of life and to better understand that as each end comes to fruition, so a new beginning takes place. Green Moonstone has also been called "The Stone of The Goddess" and helps us to tap into that feminine Earth energy.

Garnierite is most associated with the Heart Chakra, which means it has a loving energy and helps its user to form strong bonds with their loved ones.

Green Moonstone can also be used to help heal rifts in friendships, and to facilitate the creation of new acquaintances.

Garnierite is an abundance stone, and is thus sometimes referred to as the "Accumulation Stone" or the "Acquisition Stone".

This means that Green Moonstone is good luck stone, and can be used to attract good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Green Moonstone is very calming, and can help one achieve their goals.

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Please note: Due to being a natural stone, each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in shape, size and colour. They may also contain small flaws including imperfect points, rough edges, inclusions or natural cavities. All of our towers are posted by tracked delivery to ensure they are arrive to you safely.

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