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Fluorite cloud dish, Crystal gemstone bowl, trinket,

Fluorite cloud dish, Crystal gemstone bowl, trinket,

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Fluorite is a great cleansing crystal to remove all negative energy. It can be placed inside the living room to remove negative energy within the home. These colorful rainbow fluorite flower mini bowls are the perfect addition to your crystal altar.

It absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.

The bowl you will receive will be the one in this photo. Please note that there may be natural faults/markings on the bowl that hasn’t been captured on camera and that the colour may be slightly different to when you receive it due to screens/cameras distorting the natural colours.

If you have any questions you’re welcome to ask as we will be happy to help.

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