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Dream/Chevron Amethyst delicate 6mm bracelet,helps with meditation, depression, boosts immunity and removed negative energy

Dream/Chevron Amethyst delicate 6mm bracelet,helps with meditation, depression, boosts immunity and removed negative energy

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Our beautiful Dream/Chevron Amethyst bracelets are designed to be worn a little loose as we know people have a variety of sized wrists and needs. If you would like one making to a specific size, please just ask as we aim to help as best we can :)

The healing properties of dream amethyst are similar to those of the amethyst stone. It is said that dream amethyst comes with a powerful field of energy that can help boost our immune system and keep the organs in our body in good health.

It is also believed to help in detoxifying the system by purging out negative energies. Dream amethyst crystals are also said to heal problems with the eyes, liver, lungs, intestines, thymus, pancreas, and other body organs. There are several claims that it is effective in alleviating headaches, bowel disorders, and contagious diseases.

Chevron dream amethyst is also potent in imparting a glow to the skin and rejuvenating it and regulating hormones. And significantly, this gem can heal the mind of anxiety and stress, and bring about a sense of calmness that boosts the thought processes and helps at making better decisions.

The metaphysical properties of dream amethyst quartz also deserve special mention here.

Dream amethyst aligns with our third eye and crown chakra. Metaphysical practitioners say that with its mystical properties, this beautiful gemstone can awaken our third eye, i.e. intuition, and enlighten our spiritual awareness. By focusing on our third eye chakra, it promotes intuitive thinking, sparks our inner vision, and enhances the shamanic journey.

It can help you be more receptive to the higher energies that surround us and enable communication with the world of spirits and angels. Meditating with the dream amethyst is said to provide clarity of dreams; it helps our third eye view the dream imageries and relate to them as per our current life situations.

Dream amethyst crystal is also said to be excellent for promoting healthy and loving relationships. Metaphysical therapists use this crystal gem to clear the mind of stress and emotional traumas, depression, and low stamina.

Please note: Due to being a natural hand carved stone, each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in shape, size and colour. They may also contain small flaws including imperfect points, rough edges, inclusions or natural cavities.

We have lots of different towers, tumbles, spheres, stands and specimens available in our store, check out our other listings. Also our Facebook page is kept up to date with our latest arrivals here: or on ig search for @hocus_crocus_crystals

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