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Blue Caribbean Calcite Tumble Stones,

Blue Caribbean Calcite Tumble Stones,

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Did you know that Caribbean Calcite was only discovered in 2019 making it a newly discovered crystal?

Caribbean Calcite is a crystal that helps in transformation and spiritual awakenings, it helps us gain inner vision and connect to our higher selves.

Caribbean Calcite is associated with the third eye and crown chakra, It can help us in channeling our physic abilities and elevate our consciousness. It is a very calming crystal and aids in relieving stress as well as tension. It is a great tool to have whilst meditating.

Our Caribbean Calcite stones are around 1.5-2 cm big so perfect for keeping in pockets or bags. If you prefer smaller stones we will of course offer 2 for the same price as a larger one. Just let us know if the notes section or send us a message 😊

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